Wednesday, 14 March 2012



Hey Everyone, I said in my other post today that i went shopping at michaels right? Yestrday while shopping i was walking down each baking asile and i was picking up any sprinkles that caught my eye. I didn’t care about how much the sprinkles cost, I just want to get more sprinkles for the hoildays! While i was at the checkout then i was thinking oh my godness how many sprinkles did i pick up! The answer was way too many! Anyhow when i got home i had more sprinkles and i have more than 25 diffrent types! Then i said to myself where the heck am i going to put all these sprinkles? My baking drawer is full and the shelves are full! What am i going to do! So my mom looked in the closet and found her old spice rack! Whoo-hoo! There was 16 little containers that i can put my sprinkles in! Yay- I was so happy at that point. Here are some photos!

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